Business Support Package 2 hours, 4 years


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The Business Support Package is a great addition to OPNsense. With support provided by the OPNsense developers from Deciso.

The Business Support Package is an annual subscription and includes:
+ Remote support by email and phone
+ Implementation support, we help you to figure out the more complex scenario's
+ Get predefined configurations, turn-key at the customer premises
+ Migrating legacy configurations to modern OPNsense
+ When it is not going as planned we help you with troubleshooting and Hot fixes
+ 2 Hours is included with the Business Support Package, additional hours are available

Please note
+ Support is provided during our business hours 5 x 8 (CET)
+ For emergency/high priority support its advisable to have an active subscription before you need assistance since existing support customers are prioritized above new.
+ In general we plan support sessions in advance



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Name Business Support Package 2 hours, 4 years