Robust firmware upgrade path to react on emerging threats in a fashionable time.OPNsense is equipped with a reliable and secure update mechanism to provide weekly security updates. The plugin mechanism can be used to install additional packages and customisations

Release schedule

OPNsense offers two major releases annually; in January and July. Smaller incremental (security) updates are provided weekly. Minor updates are not required, but provide an extra safety layer by incorporating security fixes fast. Customers can choose to skip versions and upgrade on their own timeframe.

Minimise downtime and keep up to date

The upgrade mechanism is simple and easy to use and proven to be safe. Upgrading can be done from within the User Interface or trough the console (CLI). For most minor upgrades rebooting is not required and services will continue to function uninterrupted. In case a reboot is required the system will notify this before the actual upgrade and the customer can choose to cancel the upgrade procedure.


Most features are included in OPNsense and do not require any additional plugins or packages. However the system is highly extensible with plugins to add customisations or additional features. Standard plugins include vmware-tools and Xen-tools for virtual installs.