The fastest way to analyse your systems health with our dynamic view on Round Robin Data. System Health offers a dynamic view on RRD data gathered by the system. It allows you to dive into different statistics that show the overall health and performance of the system over time. The system health module will enable you to track down issues faster and easier than traditional static RRD graphs and it allows you to zoom in.

Primary Data Collectors

System Health offers data collectors for most parts of the system. Depending on the features in use there may be more or less graphs available. The primary collectors are:
  • Packets
  • Packets show the number of packets per second traveling to and from a certain interface.
  • Quality
  • Quality show latency and packet loss of the monitored gateways (ip).
  • System
  • The system section is used for sensor data regarding the system utilisation, such as memory usage, mbufs, states, processes and (when available) cpu temperature.
  • Traffic
  • Shows traffic graphs for each interface including vpn (ipsec).

Table View & Exporting

Data can be viewed as a table and exported for further analysis in Excel or any other csv compatible spreadsheet.